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26 Sep
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IMG-20120923-00010Vendors from around the region gathered at the Laredo Civic Center to sell their variety of collector’s items.   Opening its doors on September 22nd, the South Texas Collector’s Expo held its two-day annual exposition of comics, the paranormal, and personas known to many.  Various vendors such as Curious Goods and Comics, Beat Pot Toiz, and Laredo’s own Legacy Comics and Collectibles were present to provide Laredo with a world of superheroes and memories.  Laredoans dressed in their favorite characters including the famous Batman and Joker, Sailor Mars, and even newer characters such as Finn from Adventure Time. IMG-20120923-00009-Optimized

The event was invaded by storm troopers all ready to protect the galactic empire; or in this case show off their costumes.  Star Wars was the dominant force of the expo, as Peter Mayhew, the actor who portrayed Chewbacca in the original Star Wars Trilogy was present to take pictures and sign autographs.  He was there to inspire fans and inform them of his foundation: The Peter Mayhew Foundation, which is known for helping Children’s Hospitals, Children at Risk and Wounded Warrior Centers.

IMG-20120923-00007-OptimizedFamous Marvel inker, Sam de La Rosa, was in attendance with demonstrations of his work in Spider-man comics and Ironman. He remembers his career as a government inker before the opportunity to work with Marvel. “I used to draw weaponry for the government,” he remembers.  Sam de La Rosa worked for a Military Base for Impact Productions before working on his true passion—Comic Books.  The work he is most proud of is his contribution to Spider-man and Venom.  This is obvious from the large dominance of Spider-man art in his table.  However, for non-Marvel fans and DC fans, other artists were also present including Andrew Magnum and NAS Studios. 


For those who weren’t indulging in the memories of their youth and the many comics available, they were found participating in a variety of tournaments including:Yu-Gi-Oh!, Ination MW3, or Heroclix tournaments.  It had been a long time since Yu-Gi-Oh! fans had seen Exodia’s armor in play, and it was thrilling when the cards were finally aligned.


Others were seen getting autographs from famous NFL Quarterback Dan Pastorini, and three-time Super Bowl Champion Ted Johnson.  Laredoans even viewed their auras and videos of aliens and ghosts with the Paranormal Activity Society, who were eager to demonstrate their work to the public.

Overall it was an event full of Minecraft Creeps, Star War’s Stormtroopes, and Comic Book Fans as Laredo united for a scene usually present during superhero movie releases.  It will be hard to top this year’s star list and efforts, but without a doubt Laredo will be looking forward to what the South Texas Collector’s Expo will bring in their next journey to our city.





14 Sep
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El 2006 marco el comienzo de “La Voz Laredo,” una competencia de canto en Laredo, cual ha recurrido año tras año.  Esta ronda tuvo más de 30 participantes de alrededor de la ciudad, cuyos  dejaron el corazón con cada canto.  Finalmente, la noche del 12 de Septiembre cerro el concurso que cautivo a muchos seguidores de La Ley 100.5 FM y Digital 94.9 FM con solo 9 concursantes.  Al escuchar la cerrada de este concurso y las estrellas con las que compartirían el escenario, los Laredense salieron a enseñar su mejor par de botas y sombreros para apoyar a su cantante favorito y bailar al ritmo de su favorita banda.

Masore abrió la pista con su entrada ultrasónica y cumbiadera.  Con sus chalecos rojos y camisas negras iluminaron el escenario y pusieron a la gente a bailar con “El Baile Del Gorila,” “Oso Polar,” y canción famosa “Arremangala.”  Con su energía demostraron que la cumbia fluye esta en los jóvenes, que se podían ver bailando y brincando con la banda.

La música continuó con La Banda Trikalera de Monterrey, cual es bien conocida en Laredo.  Las chicas gritaban mientras los sacos blancos y negros brillaban en el escenario y la energía fluía. Las parejas bailaron pegaditas con sus hits “San Lunes” y “Después De Ti No Hay Nada.”BANDA

Al fin la hora de anunciar los ganadores llego, y los participantes subieron al escenario con sus mejores vestidos y trajes norteños.  Los ganadores fueron escogidos durante la noche, vía mensajes de texto. 

Los ganadores fueron premiados tres mil dólares y la oportunidad de enseñar su talento en Laredo, con el siguiente resultado: 


Primero: $1,500- Augustin Colchado

Segundo: $1,000- Naomi Traid

Tercero: $500- Cristel Felipe


SIGNOAl bajar los participantes, Laredo recibió a Los Primos De Durango, cuatro chavos que cautivaron a las chicas de la pista.  Con su canción tribalera “Miénteme” y su canción  famosa  “Y Tú Te Vas” las chicas subieron al escenario a bailar con los interpretantes y cantaron cada letra del coro.

Al sacar las camisetas y mercancía, el ambiente supo que era hora de ver al grupo más esperado de la noche. A pisar el escenario con su vestuario mixto de camisetas, chalecos, y pañuelos; la gente dio un grito de emoción.  Signo finalmente tomo el escenario con las canciones que lo han hecho tan reconocido.  Los teléfonos y cámaras eran vistas atraves de la pista por fans que querían recordar el momento. Abrieron con su canción “Me Enamore de Ti,” que  puso el tono del resto de su acto.

Las parejas continuaron pegaditas con La Firma que toco canciones reconocidas por el público. Y para cerrar la noche con broche de oro, El Pelon del Mikrophone tomo el escenario con toda la energía y entusiasmo para alegrar a los jóvenes.  Los tribaleros de la audiencia brincaron con sus botas picudas,  al ritmo de “La Cumbia Tribalera” y su mega hit “Celosa.” 

Fue una noche inolvidable llena de ritmo y música.  Los Laredense salieron a apoyar a la música latina y a su propio talento local. Es obvio que la música norteña domina los corazones de Laredo y  hay que esperar que nos traerá La Voz de Laredo en su próxima jornada. 



Fotografías por Eduardo Gonzalez. 


10 Sep
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Laredo united under perfect weather for the Back to Blues event supporting Laredo’s youth and the grand opening of Flat 5 Music Studios.  United Independent School District (UISD) among businesses such as:  Rock Fitness, Chick-fil-A, and Build-a-Bear were also in attendance collecting school supplies and entertaining the crowd with their mascots, give-aways, guest passes, and their enthusiasm.  Others kept the children pleased through their face-painting, and the adults were pleased with the large quantity of snacks, food, and drinks available.

The crowd united as Council members Cindy Liendo Espinoza and Jorge Vera approached the blue ribbon with the words “Grand Opening” on it.  Jorge Vera administered his speech filled with hope for our youth, and a promise of 2increasing jobs for members of the city. 

“We are celebrating two things today: entrepreneurship and youth.  When the youth of Laredo comes together for one cause, that deserves applause,” he stated as the crowd roared.  Councilwoman Espinoza, also praised Fred Barrera and Jonathan Arias, owners of Flat 5 Music
Studios,  for taking a “leap of faith” and crowd for supporting them.  However, the heartwarming speech came from owners Barrera and Arias as they made sure to thank their parents and everyone who has contributed one way or another to their success.

After the ribbon cutting, the night kicked off with Councilman Vera taking the stage to show-off his drumming skills.  He was able to set the tone for the night, as other talented students took the stage to demonstrate what they have learned from Flat 5.   Among them was “Hemingway”, a band of non-vocal rock-infused sounds who seemed eager to perform.  3Siblings also took the stage, as Rebecca and Kiki Resendez demonstrated their smooth sultry voices, as they covered songs from Weezer and My Chemical Romance. Chris and Jacob Alvarado also demonstrated families can perform together with their rock version of Jason Mraz’s “I’m yours.”

As the stars settled and the night got darker, talent swept through several stages as more experienced bands “Volatile Colour” and “The Reds” took the stage.  “The Reds” demonstrated a more mature sound as they played songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beatles.  The crowd gathered around the stage to jump and sing, even the parents participated as many were reminded of their love for the 60’s.  Volatile Colour was the star pupil of the night, as their unique voices transcended in their single “In-Vitro.” Fans and new-listeners clapped and sang along with singer, Daniel Fernandez, who managed to draw in the crowd and surprise many of the talent found in Laredo.

It was without a doubt, a night of musical talent and unity for Laredoans.  The music allowed citizens of all ages to experience the talent found in Laredo and the efforts of Flat 5 Music Studios.  Laredo’s youth was brought together through the contribution of several businesses, UISD, and local artists.  As the night came to an end, it was obvious that Laredoans are willing to support new businesses, and express their concern for the city’s youth.


Photography by: Eduardo Gonzalez



06 Sep
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Optimized-Photo k745oqze3w3pbx

Cuando Ramón Ayala y sus Bravos del Norte vienen a Laredo, el grupo no tiene que pensar dos veces si van a llegar a un salón de baile lleno. Laredenses son conocidos por apoyar la música norteña y nunca perderse un baile cuando el rey del acordeón llega a la ciudad. Es bien notada la larga historia de la música de conjunto en Laredo que pego en los años 40 y sigue hasta la fecha. Ramón Ayala, con su música norteña, es una gran razón por cual la música de acordeón se ha convertido en parte de nuestra cultura e historia. Con una relación tan fuerte, Ayala celebró su trayectoria, que abarca 50 años, con los dos Laredos en el estadio Uni-Trade. El rey del acordeón pudo celebrar un momento tan trascendental con otro hito: el primer concierto en el estadio. Bajo una luna llena con una brisa clara, laredenses pudieron disfrutar y bailar al ritmo de Paty y su Sonora, Salomon Robles, y Ramon Ayala Y Los Bravos del Norte.

{reg}Paty y su Sonora dieron la bienvenida a la gente alrededor de las 7:30 pm y animaron a todos los que acercaran a la pista en el centro de la cancha de béisbol. La banda toco todos los éxitos de cumbia como ‘Se me perdió la cadenita’ y Optimized-Photo rbhzshggqgmqbo‘El viejo del sombreron.’ Ellos establecieron el tono de una noche de la música regional mexicana. Salomón Robles y sus legendarios siguieron y son bien conocidos en Laredo por su presencia en varios bailes durante los años.

El grupo de Robles supo exactamente qué canciones tocar durante su larga serie para conseguir la muchedumbre que cantara y un poco menos tímido para bailar bajo las luces brillantes del estadio. El grupo alternaba de tocar huapangos y todos los gustos de la gente. También tocaban las pegaditas para los enamorados y canciones para los solteros. Teniendo en cuenta que la gente está acostumbrada a un ambiente de antro, Robles pidió a los encargados que bajaran las luces. La gente gritó y aplaudió de acuerdo; ellos querían bailar en la oscuridad de la noche.. Sin embargo, ellos continuaron disfrutando de la música norteña de Salomón Robles. Todos los grupos iniciales fueron exitosos en abrir la pista para Ramón Ayala a subir al escenario

Por fin llegó el momento de celebrar la carrera de 5 décadas de un ídolo mexicano. Un montaje de video de la carrera de Ayala se muestra en la enorme pantalla gigante, que era incluso un momento de pausa para Ayala sí mismo. Ayala de luego se deslizo las correas de su acordeón, subió al escenario, y aceleró en 'Mi Piquito de oro.' Al igual que un profesional con experiencia, Ayala corrió a través de sus grandes éxitos, así como tomar en cuenta las favoritas de la gente. El público se volvió loco con gritos cuando toco 'Tragos amargos' y 'Un puño de Tierra.’

El poder de la música de Los Bravos del Norte se vio en el público que abandonaron su timidez para bailar con las luces encendidas. Ya sea que estuvieran de pie disfrutando de una cerveza fría o bailando con su pareja, todo el mundo estaba conectado con el rendimiento de Ayala. La celebración de uno de los ídolos vivientes de la música norteña era el perfecto concierto para comenzar una tradición de eventos musicales en el estadio Uni-Trade. {/reg}

30 Aug
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Optimized-IMG 7404         

      The familiar smell of Carne Asada filled the air, as Laredoans reunited for the Fifth Annual Tailgate Cook-off at El Metro Park.  The event was coordinated by the LULAC Council #14 and United Way in hopes of raising money for scholarships. “We have helped students continue their college education for 4 years because of this event,” Amador Ballesteros the event coordinator stated.  “This is something larger than football. The purpose of this event is to get all families and teams together to have a nice fun night in a safe environment.”

                Grills were fired up and tents were set up to commemorate their favorite football teams from the Dallas Cowboys to the Arizona Cardinals. Local businesses were featured, with El Vaquerito Meat Optimized-IMG 7402Market even contributing to the Beef eating contest.  Local politicians, Yolanda Salinas and Jorge Vera, running for City Council were on site to promote their names, but overall have a good time by taking pictures and grilling with friends.  However, Laredoans were not the only ones in attendance, as they welcomed several families from surrounding cities such as Austin and The Jimenez family who traveled to compete from California.  This family event allowed everyone to have fun, with local Tacos, Raspas, and even garden crafts.  Children bounced gleefully on two bouncy castles, went on pony rides, and the older children threw footballs at the dunk tank where members of The Laredo Roses volunteered to get wet. The Border Skulls displayed their Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and the Outsiders of Laredo Car Club showed off their vintage rides to the public.

                As the night concluded, large trophies were handed out to the winners of each category by Estela Quintanilla, the president of LULAC #14.  Categories were divided between Media/Sponsors/Political participants and other participants. First place winners received $300, second place winners $200 and third place winners $100. The categories were: Fajita, Finger Ribs, and Chicken.  Participants were also given a large gold trophy to commemorate showmanship, allowing everyone to compete against one another. 

Optimized-IMG 7398       However the night did not go as smoothly as planned, as the first place winner for the Finger Ribs category was called.  The rules stated that all participants must be present in order to receive the prize, and after the third calling they were disqualified.  As the ticket number 079718 was called, there was no response.  Ultimately, Quintanilla decided she
would allow the winner to claim their trophy the next day at their office.  This outraged the crowd as they began to yell “follow the rules,” and some made claims that the plate number did not exist.  Among those angered were tail-gate veterans, and past winners.  A similar incident happened the previous year, where 1st place was not present, and all other rankings were moved up one.  This year, participants expected the same rules to apply, but were upset at Quintanilla’s decision. “No one is going to claim that prize anymore, because there’s no way of them finding-out they won,” one family claimed.  “Now they’re going to keep that money, plus the fee we paid to enter, and the money we spent on buying supplies.”

                Ultimately, Quintanilla decided to collect phone numbers of the second and third place winners, in case first place didn’t claim their trophy.  The situation was handled calmly by both parties, and although several participants left unhappy, it was still a family event with many memories.


Photography by Jesse Cortez (CTZ Photography) in affiliation with Laredo Scene.

29 Aug
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Blue and purple lights illuminated the stage as a green laser dashed in view.  Dj Nappi took the stage playing a mixture of old school Hip-Hop tracks such as Snoop Dog’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” to newer tracks ranging from Nicki Minaj to Lil’ Wayne. He managed to entertain the crowd with his Hip-Hop mixes through a series of opening acts as they awaited Chamillionaire’s entrance. 

Among these opening acts were Laredo rappers who stated their goal was to represent their city. “I love this city, I’ve loved this city forever and I’m going to be repping you forever,” Ruf, a local rapper duo mentioned.  Others, throwing “L” signs in the air managed to exciteCham.the crowd as they passed out CD’s with their songs, some even including Laredo integrated lyrics.  The Laredo rappers incorporated different styles into their shows ranging from slow verses to fast verses, and melodic choruses. Game Dog, the last act, even rapped with Brazilian infused background music. Bean and Kman, a duo of charismatic rappers from the same region as Chamillionaire, made sure to incorporate Laredo as they mentioned they traveled just to play for the audience.  They made sure to make their way through the crowd talking to Laredoans and even joking with our photographer about taking pictures of their good side. Dj Nappi and the opening acts made sure to keep the crowd entertained with their enthusiasm and interesting verses, before welcoming Chamillionaire to the stage.

Laredo opening acts included:


Amir (Ruf)

Graveyard Shift

Game Dwag


            At the end of the night, DJ Zero introduced himself, as he interacted with the audience before calling Chamillionaire.  The audience shouted “Koopa,” also known as Chamillionaire, after Dj Zero shouted “King.” This allowed everyone to make their way to the front as they enthusiastically jumped and raised their hands to welcome “Koopa” himself. Coming out with great energy, he never missed a beat.  He interacted with the crowd, telling them to put their hands in the air and make noise.  The crowd was very responsive as they danced and jumped with their cell phones and cameras ready to capture the moment.  Chamillionaire covered several singles from his album “The Sound of Revenge,” and even covered various of his friend’s singles including Paul Wall and the crowd favorite Mike Jones. Local rappers were even allowed to get on stage with Chamillionaire to show him what they were made of.  This was a dream come true for several rappers, who eagerly waited to show the rapper their verses. However, the highlight of the night was when Chamillionaire performed the long awaited famous song “Ridin.”  The crowd exploded as they jumped with their hands up, and some even stepped aside to dance.  Chamillionaire managed to remind the audience what Hip-Hop was really about not only from his own album, but by incorporating other artists.  Through the night it was visible that there is a large Hip-Hop culture in Laredo that needs to be explored.

19 Aug
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Las Cananas Revo-Bar, known for bringing popular music to Laredo, will be hosting Chamillionaire.  The Houston Rapper, best known for his Platinum Album “The Sound of Revenge,” and his hit song “Ridin,” will perform Friday August 24, 2012 at 7 p.m.  This is the first time Chamillionaire comes to the border town, as he makes his way through a series of performances in Texas.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the R&B Grammy Award Winner as he leaves his mark on Laredo. Tickets are $20 dollars and can be purchased at TDK inside Mall del Norte or online at


Las Cananas Revo-Bar is located at 2331 Endeavor, Laredo, TX, 78041.




17 Aug
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DSC 0366


Sitting on a piano bench on stage at the Laredo Energy Arena, Amy Lee, lead singer ofEvanescence, closed The Carnival of Madness Tour’s stop in the Gateway City. The spotlight showered Amy Lee, who played ‘My Immortal’ on piano, with a soft glow that pushed the drama in the rock diva’s resonating vocal performance. Evanescence's encore was the climax of a 6-hour, jam-packed lineup that reflected various sub-genres of Alternative Rock and proved that rock isn’t dead in the 956. Audience members grew up with the hits of Chevelle and Evanescence while the younger crowds got their first taste of rock through newer acts like Halestorm. Despite the absence of a rock station in Laredo, there was an excited crowd that showed up early to support the event.

The support of a strong rock scene is undeniable; they are present and support most events that come into town. However, the next step to drawing in a bigger audience is to introduce more Laredoans to alternative music. Bringing in The Carnival of Madness was a great event that attracted new fans by offering a variety of bands in the rock genre. The concert introduced Laredo to the new faces of Alternative Rock in New Medicine and CAVO as well bringing in rock staples: Halestorm, Chevelle, and Evanescence.

03 Aug
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330895 10102208115705300 298524418 o


L.I.T.E. Productions' production of 'Beat, A Play on Words' was a captivating memoir following the life of Beat generation poet, Allen Ginsberg. The Beat Generation were known for their exuberant and radical lifestyles whose movement originated in Colombia University with Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. They wrote about their drug use and sexual experiences and their literature was thought to be provocative and obscene. It also glorified their way of life while demonizing western culture and their materialism.
“Beat, A Play on Words,” centers on the obscenity trial of the controversial “Howl” whose success in court helped to remove cencorship in literature in the United States.The set was built for easy interaction with the audience. It was beautifully decorated and small, adding to the intimacy for the audience. The performers frequently used the seating area as part of the set. This positively impacted the audience's experience. The performances were inspiring and brought to life the creativity adequate associated with the beat generation. Bobby Batey did an excellent job of capturing the emotions of the enigmatic Allen Ginsberg. He left the audience awe-struck with his outstanding performance.

L.I.T.E. will be performing three more times this weekend starting tomorrow. Come support the local art business at the Laredo Center for the Arts at 500 San Agustin. The remaining show times are as follows:
-July 26-28: 8 PM
-July 29: 3 PM
-August 3-4: 8 PM
-August 5: 3 PM
Tickets are $10. Mature audiences only. For more information call (956) 725-1715.

01 Aug
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The Zac Brown Band reached their #1 album sales this week with "Uncaged," after it’s jump from 2 to 1 in Billboard’s top 200. According to sales reports submitted to Nielson Ratings, the band sold approximately 48,000 units this week.

Surprisingly, that was the lowest sale for a #1 album since February of 2011, with Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" selling 45,000 units. The music scene has seen tremendous sales, particularly with Adele's '21.’                                                                                    

Considering that "Uncaged" is a true Country cross over, this marks the second time that Zac Brown has hit the # 1 album sales with the same album on two different ocassions. "Country Strong," weak sales, and no releases by any major artist to contest Zac's Browns #1 album have led them to remain on the top.

The Zac Brown are making Country Music look good. "How about them cowboys.”


24 Jul
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Laredoans attend concert, festival to beat the heat

 Laredoans love a good time and spontaneous attendance to events is the unspoken rule. From the west side of Laredo all the way across town on Loop 20, this weekend had events spread all over the 956 for Laredoans attempting to find entertainment and ways to escape the 100+ degree weather. Thus, the White Voodoo Concert and The Laredo Sister Cities Festival provided Laredoans with a dose of entertainment indoors. Vendors and Promoters waited for great turn outs and Laredoans did not disappoint!

White Voodoo Concert

Laredo always has choices in evening events catering to the night crowds. With the popularity of Electric Dance Music (EDM), hosted their launch party at Friday’s White Voodoo Concert at Cesar’s Reception Hall. The EDM crowd attended the concert dressed to the nines in all white outfits that complimented the events theme and comfortable VIP area. After Dark Entertainment brought headliner Deorro, formerly DJ TON!C, to the event that had the crowd dancing nonstop to the latest Top 40 hits with a twist. Derro gave nods Tiësto, Armin van Buuren,and Afrojack among others during his set. Deorro also surprised the crowd at Cesar’s Reception Hall with 2 unreleased tracks that had the crowd on a high, and they easily let go control to the music. Opening acts included Velocity High, DJ Wek & Noizekid, and Diego Van Cooper. This is the first event of its kind hosted at Cesar’s, and although perfectly spacious for future concerts, it lacked the amenities that many are used to at the club. The bar lacked specialty drinks, carrying only Buchanan’s, beer, and malt beverages. Ending the evening on a high note, closed the event by hosting a VIP ticket giveaway that will send lucky winner, Julio Perez, to the Isla del Sol Fest during Labor Day Weekend! Overall, the White Voodoo Concert brought an event that showcased great DJ sets and had the night crowd waiting for the next EDM event.


10th Annual Sister City Festival

The LEA was a cornucopia of color as the City of Laredo hosted the 10th annual Sister Cities Festival that welcomed thousands of Laredoans inside the arena through the three day weekend event. Grandmothers walked gently down the walkways inspecting the vast number of sterling silver jewelry booths; couples strolled through the crowds looking at the colorful displays while enjoying an inexpensive date through the best of Mexico. The Sister Cities Festivals truly captures what it takes to bring a truly family friendly experience. Laredoans of all ages browsed the booths representing Mexico from as far away as San Luis Potosi, Mexico City, to San Miguel de Allende. Merchants had their hands full hawking everything from handmade jewelry to homemade salsa to the crowded event. The early morning start times and late evenings made the event a perfect match for busy families that had several opportunities to attend. Families could be seen enjoying the great snack booths and the friendly atmosphere vendors brought to this event. More importantly, it gave Laredo a chance to beat the heat while enjoying the culture and color of our sister cities.


18 Jul
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Super Country Group ZAC BROWN BAND has recorded it's second #1 album the first week it is releases. "UNCAGED" this week sold around 234,000 albums since the album was released on Friday. 


Many music peeps felt it would come in around 200,000 copies but the album surprised everyone and came in #1 .  Something the ZAC BROWN BAND have done before. They did that with their prio album "YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE" which sold only 153,000 copies. 

Experts take note the the band this weekend appeared on "The Late Show With David Letterman" and NBC's "TODAYS" morning show which had the ZAC BROWN BAND in their morning Summer Concert Series. The band played in front of thousands in New York for free that morning . 


Interesting was the how online music services played a part in the record sale for The ZAC BROWN BAND. Amazon MP3 set up had the album only at $3.99 something many in the industry are studying too see how future big bands will sell their albums. 


"Uncaged's" debut frame can be traced to the bands big fan base but how electronic new media played a part will always be looked at. 


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