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L.I.T.E. Productions Performs an Intimate Portrayal of Allen Ginsberg

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L.I.T.E. Productions' production of 'Beat, A Play on Words' was a captivating memoir following the life of Beat generation poet, Allen Ginsberg. The Beat Generation were known for their exuberant and radical lifestyles whose movement originated in Colombia University with Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. They wrote about their drug use and sexual experiences and their literature was thought to be provocative and obscene. It also glorified their way of life while demonizing western culture and their materialism.
“Beat, A Play on Words,” centers on the obscenity trial of the controversial “Howl” whose success in court helped to remove cencorship in literature in the United States.The set was built for easy interaction with the audience. It was beautifully decorated and small, adding to the intimacy for the audience. The performers frequently used the seating area as part of the set. This positively impacted the audience's experience. The performances were inspiring and brought to life the creativity adequate associated with the beat generation. Bobby Batey did an excellent job of capturing the emotions of the enigmatic Allen Ginsberg. He left the audience awe-struck with his outstanding performance.

L.I.T.E. will be performing three more times this weekend starting tomorrow. Come support the local art business at the Laredo Center for the Arts at 500 San Agustin. The remaining show times are as follows:
-July 26-28: 8 PM
-July 29: 3 PM
-August 3-4: 8 PM
-August 5: 3 PM
Tickets are $10. Mature audiences only. For more information call (956) 725-1715.

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