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Back to School Blues Unites Laredo's Youth

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Laredo united under perfect weather for the Back to Blues event supporting Laredo’s youth and the grand opening of Flat 5 Music Studios.  United Independent School District (UISD) among businesses such as:  Rock Fitness, Chick-fil-A, and Build-a-Bear were also in attendance collecting school supplies and entertaining the crowd with their mascots, give-aways, guest passes, and their enthusiasm.  Others kept the children pleased through their face-painting, and the adults were pleased with the large quantity of snacks, food, and drinks available.

The crowd united as Council members Cindy Liendo Espinoza and Jorge Vera approached the blue ribbon with the words “Grand Opening” on it.  Jorge Vera administered his speech filled with hope for our youth, and a promise of 2increasing jobs for members of the city. 

“We are celebrating two things today: entrepreneurship and youth.  When the youth of Laredo comes together for one cause, that deserves applause,” he stated as the crowd roared.  Councilwoman Espinoza, also praised Fred Barrera and Jonathan Arias, owners of Flat 5 Music
Studios,  for taking a “leap of faith” and crowd for supporting them.  However, the heartwarming speech came from owners Barrera and Arias as they made sure to thank their parents and everyone who has contributed one way or another to their success.

After the ribbon cutting, the night kicked off with Councilman Vera taking the stage to show-off his drumming skills.  He was able to set the tone for the night, as other talented students took the stage to demonstrate what they have learned from Flat 5.   Among them was “Hemingway”, a band of non-vocal rock-infused sounds who seemed eager to perform.  3Siblings also took the stage, as Rebecca and Kiki Resendez demonstrated their smooth sultry voices, as they covered songs from Weezer and My Chemical Romance. Chris and Jacob Alvarado also demonstrated families can perform together with their rock version of Jason Mraz’s “I’m yours.”

As the stars settled and the night got darker, talent swept through several stages as more experienced bands “Volatile Colour” and “The Reds” took the stage.  “The Reds” demonstrated a more mature sound as they played songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beatles.  The crowd gathered around the stage to jump and sing, even the parents participated as many were reminded of their love for the 60’s.  Volatile Colour was the star pupil of the night, as their unique voices transcended in their single “In-Vitro.” Fans and new-listeners clapped and sang along with singer, Daniel Fernandez, who managed to draw in the crowd and surprise many of the talent found in Laredo.

It was without a doubt, a night of musical talent and unity for Laredoans.  The music allowed citizens of all ages to experience the talent found in Laredo and the efforts of Flat 5 Music Studios.  Laredo’s youth was brought together through the contribution of several businesses, UISD, and local artists.  As the night came to an end, it was obvious that Laredoans are willing to support new businesses, and express their concern for the city’s youth.


Photography by: Eduardo Gonzalez



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