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Comic Book Fans Unite for South Texas Collector's Exposition

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IMG-20120923-00010Vendors from around the region gathered at the Laredo Civic Center to sell their variety of collector’s items.   Opening its doors on September 22nd, the South Texas Collector’s Expo held its two-day annual exposition of comics, the paranormal, and personas known to many.  Various vendors such as Curious Goods and Comics, Beat Pot Toiz, and Laredo’s own Legacy Comics and Collectibles were present to provide Laredo with a world of superheroes and memories.  Laredoans dressed in their favorite characters including the famous Batman and Joker, Sailor Mars, and even newer characters such as Finn from Adventure Time. IMG-20120923-00009-Optimized

The event was invaded by storm troopers all ready to protect the galactic empire; or in this case show off their costumes.  Star Wars was the dominant force of the expo, as Peter Mayhew, the actor who portrayed Chewbacca in the original Star Wars Trilogy was present to take pictures and sign autographs.  He was there to inspire fans and inform them of his foundation: The Peter Mayhew Foundation, which is known for helping Children’s Hospitals, Children at Risk and Wounded Warrior Centers.

IMG-20120923-00007-OptimizedFamous Marvel inker, Sam de La Rosa, was in attendance with demonstrations of his work in Spider-man comics and Ironman. He remembers his career as a government inker before the opportunity to work with Marvel. “I used to draw weaponry for the government,” he remembers.  Sam de La Rosa worked for a Military Base for Impact Productions before working on his true passion—Comic Books.  The work he is most proud of is his contribution to Spider-man and Venom.  This is obvious from the large dominance of Spider-man art in his table.  However, for non-Marvel fans and DC fans, other artists were also present including Andrew Magnum and NAS Studios. 


For those who weren’t indulging in the memories of their youth and the many comics available, they were found participating in a variety of tournaments including:Yu-Gi-Oh!, Ination MW3, or Heroclix tournaments.  It had been a long time since Yu-Gi-Oh! fans had seen Exodia’s armor in play, and it was thrilling when the cards were finally aligned.


Others were seen getting autographs from famous NFL Quarterback Dan Pastorini, and three-time Super Bowl Champion Ted Johnson.  Laredoans even viewed their auras and videos of aliens and ghosts with the Paranormal Activity Society, who were eager to demonstrate their work to the public.

Overall it was an event full of Minecraft Creeps, Star War’s Stormtroopes, and Comic Book Fans as Laredo united for a scene usually present during superhero movie releases.  It will be hard to top this year’s star list and efforts, but without a doubt Laredo will be looking forward to what the South Texas Collector’s Expo will bring in their next journey to our city.





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