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20 Sep
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SLG-2 opt 

The Saint Augustine Lady Knights dropped two games but won a third during   an eighth grade volleyball tournament Saturday. Held at Mary Help of Christians School, the tournament started with the Lady Knights losing to the host team.

Struggling to keep up with Mary Help’s serving, Lady Knight players repeatedly gave up points when they were on serve. Ximena Garza and others served out of bounds, adding to Mary Help’s first period win.


Later on, better teamwork helped the Lady Knights close the gap as players moved the ball closer to the net and set it for one another to put over the net. From a 4-4 tie, St. Aug. kept up with gutsy plays like a dive by Isabella Barrientos, yet Mary Help won the set. 


Mary Help started the second set with more tough serving answered by Lady Knight Melissa Marroquin. Still, Marroquin’s tenacity on the courtSLG-7 opt couldn’t keep the Lady Knights in the game. 


Coming off a second loss to the United Day Patriots, the Lady Knights entered their third game with only six players available. Despite this disadvantage, they overcame Christian Middle School, the team they’d lost two just three days earlier. In the first set, Barrientos set it for Garza to send it over and score over the Cubs. Despite their improved on-court communication and more definite ball calling, the Lady Knights fell in the second set. 


“We have to help each other out,” Marroquin said during a timeout.


By the third set, every Cubs serve was answered by St. Aug. until they came within one point of winning. Christian then served the ball and, the Lady Knights hit it back over for the game-winning point and the team’s first win this season.  

21 Aug
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Highlights from last week's Fight Fest 5 combination boxing, mixed martial arts card.


02 Aug
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The 2012 London Olympics will be remembered for the USA dominance in ladies gymnastics. Gabby Douglas known as the "The Flying Squirrel" won the ladies all-around title Thursday night, becoming the third USA lady gymnast to win the all-around in three straight Olympics. 

This is Douglas’s second gold medal of the London Games, coming two nights after she and her "Fierce /Fab Five" teammates gave the USA its first Olympic title since 1996.

Social media has embraced Gabby Douglas, and the African-American community in the USA has made her their own. 

Douglas set the right tone with the very first event she competed: vault doing the difficult "Amanar" a round off onto the takeoff board, back hand-spring onto the table, and 2.5 twisting somersaults before landing. Douglas managed a small hop to the left and then another, putting her dangerously close to the out-of-bounds line. 

Douglas never looked down, but it was clear she knew how close she was, twisting her upper body to the left to absorb the momentum and keep her legs from moving. She stayed in place - and in bounds which gave her a 15.966 and the lead she never relinquished.

Douglas dazzled the O2 Arena in London with her floor routine, flashing a smile. She finished with a score of 62.232, within three-tenths ahead of Viktoria Komova of Russia, who was the runner-up at last year's world championships.

The night belonged to "THE FLYING SQUIRREL" with her million dollar smile, her family in the stands, and all of the USA backing her remarkable run through the 2012 London Olympics.




20 Jul
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Professional wrestling has taken Luke Williams far from his native New Zealand. During the 70s and 80s, it took him all over Texas, so his featured match Saturday as part of the the Laredo Wrestling Alliance Laredo Cup won't be his first brouhaha on the border with Mexico.

"We worked for Joe Blanchard in San Antonio, and we had matches all over Texas. We wrestled in Laredo and in Nuevo Laredo," said the man still known today as Bushwhacker Luke. Along with his longtime partner Butch, he formed The Bushwhackers, one of the most memorable tag teams from the late 80s and early 90s.

It was the late end of that era of wrestling with feather boas and bow tie-wearing ring announcers. Wrestlers wore colorful costumes and performed under names like Koko B. Ware. The Bushwhackers stood out for their comical antics and trademark march to the ring. They'd lick the faces of their fans and any opponent would be considered lucky if he avoided having his rear bitten by one of these good ol' boys from Down Under.

 When he steps in the ring against LWA's Burhan, however, Luke said he's bringing a very different demeanor.

"I'm bringing the Sheepherder, mate. Before we were The Bushwhackers, Butch and I were The Sheepherders," he said. "We were doing hardcore before it was a mainline title. We did four-way chain matches and we barbed wire steel cage."

Now working the independent scene as a singles wrestler (Butch retired in 2002) Luke, 65, introduces audiences to the brutality that made The Sheepherders famous. While he may have gone back to his roots in between the ropes, he said fans can still expect the typical goofball Bushwhacker as they interact with him.

"There probably will be some licking," he said.

One man who has nothing good to look forward to, though, is Burhan.LWA Collision June 16 2012 033

"I've heard he's been running roughshod down there in Laredo. When the Sheepherder comes to town, he's going to be in for a kicking."

A former LWA champ, Burhan said he grew up watching The Bushwhackers and it was that era of wrestling that made him dream of lacing up the boots himself.

He said, "To be stepping in the ring with Luke it's, it's just an honor."

The so-called "Arab Assassin," who is nearly three decades the junior of his opponent, emphasized that he won't let hero worship cloud his judgement when the bell rings. He plans to overwhelm Luke with his power-based offense until the veteran can take no more.

The rest of the card includes matches in the single-elimination tournament for which the event is named. The brainchild of LWA owner Rey Chavarria, the Laredo Cup is a concept bringing together four areas of the border region--Tamaulipas, Mexico, McAllen, San Antonio and Laredo--with each represented by two wrestlers.

"The intent is to continue building wrestling all over the area, not just Laredo," Chavarria said.

The winner of the tournament holds the Laredo Cup until next year's tournament. Thus far, the official brackets indicate both of Mexico's representatives, Black Magnum and Aries have already advanced out of the first round. The two fought on opposite ends of a tag match last week at Friday the 13th and then in an unscheduled one-on-one encounter with their masks on the line. Though Aries won, Black Magnum refused to remove his mask. Both have since signed an iron-clad mask versus mask contract for a match in October, and their meeting in the Laredo Cup semifinals will likely only fuel their ongoing rivalry.Aries2

In first round matches, Rey Peligro meets Cobra and Madness takes on Bandanna Joe. Joe currently holds the United Pure Wrestling (UPW) championship, a cross-promotional title Chavarria explains as a throwback to the days of wrestling territories.

"When Ric Flair won the (National Wrestling Alliance) world title, he defended it against wrestlers in Japan. He defended it in the South," he said. "That's the idea here, that the title can change promotions depending on who wins or loses."

The notion is likely strange to today's younger fans, familiar with titles as a fixture of their promotions or, in the case of World Wrestling Entertainment, exclusive to a single T.V. show. In this regard, Chavarria said the UPW belt helps introduce wrestling traditions to a new audience.

LWA Laredo Cup starts Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at the American Legion Post 59 located at 809 Zaragoza Street. Tickets are $5.

17 Jul
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Joker deemed unable to continue; Havoc becomes new LWA champion

Less than 24 hours before invading the Rio Grande Valley at Slam in the Sun, the Laredo Wrestling Alliance saw a new champion crowned in the main event of Friday the 13th at the Laredo Firefighters Union Hall.

Havoc brought the LWA championship home to his "reapers" after brutalizing Joker to the point he could no longer continue. This brief match spilled outside the ring early, and Joker sent Havoc into a row of chairs only to be himself later sent into a turnbuckle post.

Once both men entered the ring, Joker tried taking the big man down with three consecutive super kicks, but Havoc stood firm. He then leveled the Clown Prince with a clothesline and held him at bay with a crossbow. Finally, Havoc, lifting Joker onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry, climbed to the second rope and sent him crashing to the mat with high-altitude slam. When the referee deemed Joker too injured to continue and awarded the belt to Havoc,               The Regulators came in to show support to both the victor and the vanquished.

Aries and Pretty Boy 8 def. Black Magnum and Genocide; mascara contra mascara set for Oct. 

Creative double teams and high-flying assaults were the order of the day in the tag match featuring four of the purest athletes wrestling under the LWA banner. The well-oiled teamwork of Black Magnum and Genocide looked like it was going to put Pretty Boy 8 down for the three. Black Magnum lifted Pretty Boy military press style and dumped him onto Genocide, who had his knees ready to meet Pretty Boy's ribs.

Despite some mishaps with the top rope, Genocide recovered and, in a move right out of Spider Man, leaped from the apron onto the middle of the top rope and Genocide2 opt
delivered a soaring cross body to Pretty Boy. Still, it would be Pretty Boy and Aries coming out on top.

After the match, Black Magnum challenged Aries to a mascara contra mascara (mask vs. mask) match, meaning the loser would have to unmask himself and forever wrestle under his true identity. But the dark-clad luchador would be hoist with his own petard when it was his shoulders pinned to the mat. Claiming that the stipulation wasn't official because no contract was signed, Black Magnum reneged on deal he proposed. The two agreed to sign a contract for another such match in October at the LWA reunion show, and this time the loser must remove his mask. 

 Antizma def. Party Rock Frank in a mask vs. hair match. 


Antizma always claims to be from Hades, but his humiliation of Party Rock Frank served the aims of the Nation of Destruction. The unscheduled mask vs. hair bout started with Antizma toying with Frank and seemingly head locking him at will. Frank managed a series of chops in the corner followed by a bulldog. Suddenly, a massive man with a black mask entered the ring and levelled Frank, leaving him prone to Antizma's pin. The interference of this man, later identified as The Jackal, gave the Nation of Destruction the right to cut Frank's hair, which they did with relish. 

"We live to cause destruction," explained NOD member and LWA Commissioner Tiger, taunting the fans.




 The Regulators def. Nightmare and Burhan


"The Silver Bullet" Ace unleashed his most potent weapon against the 400 pound Nightmare. And it's glazed.

In the midst of a tag team match, in which both villains use their size advantages (Burhan hit a big splash in the corner on Ace), The Regulators decided to divide and conquer. With Texas Joe working some ground on pound on Burhan in the ring, Ace lured Nightmare to the floor, where he picked up a waiting box of doughnuts. Despite the attempts at reason by his manager J.T. Money, the masked behemoth became mesmerized by the doughnuts and sat down to feast. Meanwhile, Texas Joe and Ace double teamed Burhan and set him up for a top-rope bulldog for the pin.Prior to the sugar-coated ploy, The Regulators accomplished the Herculean feat of suplexing Nightmare.


Additional results: 

Chopper def. "Michael Myers."

Aaron Michael def. Green Demon.

Xacto def. Madness, Chaz Cherry and Lou Crow in a four-way match.

Amazing Rude def. The Freak.

Hot Rod Jay def. John Mason.

Abel Cruz def. Rey Peligro.

Antizma, South Side and Wild Child def. The Cholos and Pink Mist.

06 Jul
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Optimized-Silver Kids hooks Mayhem with a flying head scissors 1


With scattered Fourth of July fireworks overhead, 5 Star Wrestling held its latest event, Liberation, last night at Calaveras. The former home run derby spot saw wrestling fans turn out for a night of mat wrestling, high-flying and just plain survival.


Optimized-CowboyEdRakestheback 1

Cowboy Ed retains against Ruben Steel

The web never seemed so dangerous. In the night's main event, Cowboy Ed defended his "Internet" championship against the brutal Ruben Steel. A bearded warrior who brought a staple gun with him to the ring, Steel hit the tall Texan with everything he had. After setting Ed up seated in the corner, Steel rushed in and threw himself 180 degrees so his back smashed against Ed's chest. When the action spilled to the floor, Steel twisted Ed's arm and even bit the fingers. However, his violent coup de grâce backfired. Steel spilled thumbtacks on the mat with the intent to send Ed onto them, but the cowboy nailed Steel with a spinebuster onto the tacks to retain his belt.


Mayhem cranks Ponchis


Masked madness

In a tag team action Ponchis and Silver Kid took on Devolucion and Mayhem. Silver Kid used his high-flying offense in the form of a hurricanrana on Mayhem, prompting the big guy to tag in Devolucion. These long-standing rivals went at it fast and furious with Sliver Kid landing a kick to Devolucion's face followed up by a top-rope maneuver and a near fall. Devolucion answered with a neck breaker and a near fall of his own.

Trickster that he is, Ponchis used his comical antics to throw Devolucion off his game so he could deliver a low blow. The only competitor without a mask in the bout, Mayhem, once tagged in, displayed his submission prowess as he stretched and pulled Ponchis in a variety of holds later in the bout. Mayhem, though, would end the match taking two high-impact moves. First, Ponchis hit his stunner and tagged in Silver Kid, who dove from the top rope with a swanton onto Mayhem for the pin.

Owner of 5 Star Ben Bones announced Spartan hadn't defended the world heavyweight championship in over 30 days. To keep the champ within contractual obligation, he announced an unexpected title defense against Captain Freedom. Yet even the patriotic atmosphere of July 4th wasn't enough to help the masked challenger, who went down to Spartan's super kick.

In a battle of two big guys with surprising agility, Nikon answered a challenge issued by Craven Moorehead.Early on, the masked Nikon worked Moorehead's

5 Star Wrestling July 4 2012 1188-001 opt arm and later dropped him onto the top rope, from which he bounced to the floor. Moorehead came back with a suplex followed by kicks to the back and a leg drop. After wearing Nikon down, he finished the job by propping him on the middle rope and hitting the 956 to the face.


5 Star Wrestling July 4 2012 428-001 opt 1


Derdy tactics

Derdy Sanchez defeated Marz after a back-and-forth match he didn't want to happen. Before the opening bell, Sanchez said Marz reminds him of a kid he used to bully in school. He then offered Marz a chance to leave the ring without a fight. All Marz would have to do is say "Derdy Sanchez, you can have my lunch money." Mars instead gave Sanchez his right fist.

After a collar-elbow tie up, Sanchez pushed Marz into the corner and kicked him in the gut, which he followed by some chops to the chest. Risking a count-out, Sanchez tried catching a breather outside the ring, but once he got back in, he took control after an arm drag take down. Sanchez delivered a series of leg drops earning him a near fall; however, Marz's strength advantage kept him in the game. Yet, when Marz went on offense with blunt-force moves like a shoulder block off the ropes, Sanchez left the ring to break his momentum. A late sleeper hold--one ring announcer declared it a choke--spelled the end for Marz. In a final humiliation, Sanchez painted his fallen foe's face.

Sanchez, who defected from the Laredo Wrestling Alliance earlier this year, came out later in the show to introduce to the audience 5 Star's newest acquisition from the LWA. Jerryliscious came out wearing an LWA shirt. He removed it to expose a 5 Star shirt underneath. He and Sanchez put the LWA shirt in a disposable pan and set it on fire, a metaphor for their feelings towards the rival wrestling promotion. 

Additional results

Nadal won his match against Bane by disqualification because Mayhem interfered in the match. After an ensuing fracas involving several wrestlers, Nadal challenged Ben Bones to send members 5 Star Wrestling to battle Mexican luchadores on July 28 at an undetermined location. 

Vampiro Rojo defeated Chuey Martinez.

Contagious defeated Estelaris from the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre.







28 Jun
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The Laredo Pony League held their 2012 Photo session for the All Star Teams that take to the fields across Texas this coming week. Several Pony League Teams will play in Laredo. Others will play in the valley and Burleson, Tx . GOOD PLAY TO EACH AGE GROUP in the All Star tournament. AA 1 PONY PUBLISHED

21 Jun
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AVIS1 opt 1

Wrestling fans filled the grounds of the Laredo Firefighters Union Hall on Saturday night for Laredo Wrestling Alliance: Collision. Titles changed hands; hands used weapons, and a familiar face returned.

Crowded title pictures
Havoc won the triple-threat main event to become the number one contender for Joker’s LWA championship, the most sought-after prize in the organization. Aware that his considerable size advantage might give Rey Peligro and Madness incentive to double-team him, Havoc evened the odds by taking Madness out early. As they exchanged punches on the ring apron, Havoc bear-hugged the former champ and threw him into a makeshift table at ringside. With Madness a non-factor, Havoc nailed Rey Peligro with a Havoc bomb and scored the pin. However, LWA Commissioner Tiger announced Havoc’s performance failed to impress him. So instead of a one-on-one match, Havoc, Rey Peligro and Madness will all challenge Joker in a fatal four-way match June 30 at the American Legion Post 59 headquarters.

Pretty Boy 8 avenged his loss at LWA Fan Fest and won the United States title back from Genocide. Throughout the match, John Mason taunted the two on a live microphone and showed respect for neither the chain wrestling resulting in several near falls nor Genocide’s later acrobatic flurry. After downing “The Ocho,” Genocide hit a standing moonsault and then, with a running start out of the far corner, executed a shooting star press knocking the wind out of his opponent. Despite the impressive action, the match had a tainted ending as Mason climbed on the apron and spat water in Genocide’s face. This helped Pretty Boy get the win, but even he would be sneak-attacked with the Mason cutter.

Freak likes the punishment opt 1

Weapons optional but recommended

Fans of extreme wrestling got their fix as Corporal Punishment defended the hardcore championship against The Freak. The two hit each other with trash cans, street signs and anything not bolted down. The Freak changed things up with a fisherman’s suplex before scoring the three and winning the belt.

“The Silver Bullet” Ace and Iron Storm took each other to the proverbial woodshed in their “whuppin’ belt” match. Armed with leather belts, they whipped each other, and Iron Storm nearly choked Ace out with his. The Nation of Destruction member even sent Ace head first into a wooden board. Ultimately, the match would be a no-contest as the NOD flooded the ring to attack Ace, and other members of the LWA ran out to even the odds, leading to an all-out brawl.

Kendo sticks, a bullwhip and thumb tacks all found use in the flag match featuring Texas Joe, Burhan, and South Side. Given their 16 month rivalry, it’s no surprise South Side tried to injure Joe’s arm with a triangle . Later, Burhan took a kendo to Joe’s back and eventually scaled the turnbuckle to grab his Saudi flag and win the match.

Willing and AbelACVA1 opt

Abel Cruz made a surprise return and took on Aries. After back-and-forth match, Aries picked up a victory, but his rival Black Magnum, putting aside Cruz's disparaging remarks aimed at Mexicans, helped Cruz with a post-match beat down.

Additional results

Pink Mist defeated Chaz Cherry.
Antizma and Black Magnum defeated The Cholos.
Nightmare defeated Aaron Michael.
John Mason won the 10 man battle royal to become number one contender for the U.S. title.

05 Jun
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Texas Lrd Sports Wire News Network 

04 Jun
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04 Jun
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02 Jun
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alt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Paragon Laredo's Gino Ferrazzano and Tony Casarez competed this weekend at the prestigious International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation World Championships. Held at California State University-Long Beach, this single-elimination tournament began May 31 and continues through June 3. 

For Ferrazzano, who moved to Long Beach temporarily so he can train and compete before he starts a new job with the Laredo Fire Department, this competition provided a chance to measure his skills against some of the sport's best.

"Especially when you get to the later rounds, you start competing against guys who devote their lives to this," he said Saturday afternoon. Both his first round win and second round loss came Thursday.

Ferrazzano beat Adriano Da Silva by submission with less than a minute to go in the match.

"I was down a point," Ferrazzano described, "so I decided to look for a shoulder lock. He goes at me with a sweep, so I get on top. I put my leg clean up on his head and shoulder; I was on top and rolled back over."

From here, he said he managed to hook a triangle arm bar, a hold that hyper extends an oppenent's elbow. Da Silva still had fight left in him, as Ferrazzano put it, but with 45 seconds to the bout's conclusion, he submitted to the hold.

Next up for the four-and-a-half-year practitioner was Hanlin Liu, who defeated him on points.

"I attempted a loop choke, one of my favorite moves," said Ferrazzano, adding that Liu rolled on him to get out of it.

Casarez, who teaches English and coaches track and football at Nixon High School, competed on Friday. He got by Joseph Lee with a 4-2 point advantage by sweeping Lee twice. 

"It was a good little scramble match," Casarez said.


If no submission occurs, the match is decided by points. According to the federation rules guide on its web site, points are awarded for mounts or back control (4), passing guard (3), or take downs, sweeps or "knee on belly" (2). If no points are won, the winner can be determined by "advantages," which are counted when an otherwise point-scoring move isn't completely executed. For example, if an athlete attempts a take down but the opponent is on the ground for less than three seconds, the athlete won't receive a point but may receive an advantage, said the rule guide. 

Casarez lost his second match when Paulo Henrique Miwao hooked a choke.

"He also choked two other guys out, so I don't feel so bad," Casarez said. He feels he stalled at one point of the match and perhaps thought too much about what to do next. This is where Miwao seized the opportunity to slip in a choke, which Casarez said was over the chin, enough to make him think he could've held out longer but at a risk.

"I could've gone to sleep," he said.

Though both are out of the tournament, they planned on staying in Long Beach and taking in the rest of the championships. The experience gave each an idea of where he stands and what he needs to work on. Casarez, a purple belt, said he'll work on defending from a choke and being more aggressive out of the scurry. 

Blue belt Ferrazzano said he needs to think about strategy.

"Learning the right time to explode, for example," he said. "Do I go for a choke or submission early, or later in the round? Am I better on the bottom or on the top? There's a lot of factors."


02 Jun
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01 Jun
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The only thing missing at yesterdays UIL REGION IV opening game of the 2 out 3 baseball series between Corpus Christi Carroll and Laredo Alexander was the marching band. It was a large crowd and atmosphere was electric it seemed we were at a football game. 

Got a chance to speak with several scouts taking in the game. Talked to LCC Baseball Coach Gonzalez on recruitment efforts going on with local talent he is going to sign very soon . He had several tryouts and is working on getting more signed. 

He had several players he was looking at from Laredo Alexander at this game. He had his radar gun with him and his stop watch . Something few understand what goes on in a game with so much talent. 

Several scouts were seen holding and clicking their stop watches as the players were running and were seen taking time for the catchers on the POP time from sitting down to throwing to second base. 

Talked to Coach Perkins from United South (Coach Perkins had two of my sons on his baseball program when he was at Alexander) on how he asked his players to take in the camps LCC and Tamiu . He is looking forward to the 2013 season 

Camps were the talk among the baseball people last night. We have the LEMURS manager Pete Pete Incaviglia up coming camp and the next home stand with the Lemurs owners . 

LCC Coach Gonzalez is also having his camps this month so the talk about baseball was big last night. Among baseball people. 

I had allot of baseball fans stop by our area behind home plate where the media hangs out watching the games . Mrs. Pollorena the only mom in Laredo currently with a son playing in a NCAA D1 baseball program at Mississippi State. They are all excited about the World Series regional qualifiers coming up for the SEC 2012 Champions. Luis the former UIL ALL State Baseball from Laredo United will be pitching for Mississippi State . 

Several of the parents of the Bulldogs throughout the night came by and I saw on what it has taken to have their sons play in this kind of playoff atmosphere. 

Talked to several baseball faithful that are always at the games. Poncho Herrera a Bulldog follower for years was sitting on the bench stools with his friends. 

The ever so gentlemen Mr. Rangel (RANGEL FIELD FAME) was sitting taking in the game. We talked about the fans support for this outing on how many fans were at the stadium. 

Had the most wonderful talk with Mr. and Mrs. Leticia Navarro about their nephew SUPER Mario Maldonado who just completed his run through the NCAA D2 World Series who batted .500 in the series his St. Marys team had. Mario is the PHENOM freshman at St Marys and is the former UIL All State Baseball from Laredo Alexander who faced Carroll a year ago on a brilliant pitching game.

Then there was the large student body at the game all cheering for the Bulldogs. Allot of them came up to us talking about the great run the Bulldogs were having in the playoffs. NOTHING LIKE HAVING YOUR FAN BASE KNOW the baseball they follow. 

Got to see the CUATAS PRIETO's at the game , saw Mia De Llano and Rebeka Hernandez all UIL State athletes in 2011-2012 in track and field. Saw Darion Cano as well the regional participant in basketball and former District 29 5A High Jumper. 

All three Athletic Directors were at the game for UISD Coach Cruz, Coach Botello and Coach K were all there . 

When I talked to the Lemurs owner after the game who came back early from the road trip with teh Lemurs to be here for the game. He was so content so many baseball fans came out to the game. He was seen talking to the many fans and coaches in the stands throughout the night as well. 

He is such a humble man on how talks to fans like if he has known you for ever. 

We had a big crowd at the Sports Wire area last night glad to have talked to so many the one fan that flew in to catch the game was alt

Remy V. Salinas he was not going to miss this game . His son is prime golf player at Alexander .

01 Jun
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altThe Laredo Alexander Bulldogs faced the highest ranked team in our state in high school baseball Thursday night . While the outcome was not what the Bulldogs had hoped . They are playing in a 2 out 3 baseball series and the series moves to Corpus Christie today Friday at 5 PM at Whataburger field for game two and three if necessary. 

The Bulldogs lost on Thursday 6-1 and are hoping for a quick two game sweep of Carroll today in Corpus. 

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