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Multiple 'Collisions' at LWA show

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Wrestling fans filled the grounds of the Laredo Firefighters Union Hall on Saturday night for Laredo Wrestling Alliance: Collision. Titles changed hands; hands used weapons, and a familiar face returned.

Crowded title pictures
Havoc won the triple-threat main event to become the number one contender for Joker’s LWA championship, the most sought-after prize in the organization. Aware that his considerable size advantage might give Rey Peligro and Madness incentive to double-team him, Havoc evened the odds by taking Madness out early. As they exchanged punches on the ring apron, Havoc bear-hugged the former champ and threw him into a makeshift table at ringside. With Madness a non-factor, Havoc nailed Rey Peligro with a Havoc bomb and scored the pin. However, LWA Commissioner Tiger announced Havoc’s performance failed to impress him. So instead of a one-on-one match, Havoc, Rey Peligro and Madness will all challenge Joker in a fatal four-way match June 30 at the American Legion Post 59 headquarters.

Pretty Boy 8 avenged his loss at LWA Fan Fest and won the United States title back from Genocide. Throughout the match, John Mason taunted the two on a live microphone and showed respect for neither the chain wrestling resulting in several near falls nor Genocide’s later acrobatic flurry. After downing “The Ocho,” Genocide hit a standing moonsault and then, with a running start out of the far corner, executed a shooting star press knocking the wind out of his opponent. Despite the impressive action, the match had a tainted ending as Mason climbed on the apron and spat water in Genocide’s face. This helped Pretty Boy get the win, but even he would be sneak-attacked with the Mason cutter.

Freak likes the punishment opt 1

Weapons optional but recommended

Fans of extreme wrestling got their fix as Corporal Punishment defended the hardcore championship against The Freak. The two hit each other with trash cans, street signs and anything not bolted down. The Freak changed things up with a fisherman’s suplex before scoring the three and winning the belt.

“The Silver Bullet” Ace and Iron Storm took each other to the proverbial woodshed in their “whuppin’ belt” match. Armed with leather belts, they whipped each other, and Iron Storm nearly choked Ace out with his. The Nation of Destruction member even sent Ace head first into a wooden board. Ultimately, the match would be a no-contest as the NOD flooded the ring to attack Ace, and other members of the LWA ran out to even the odds, leading to an all-out brawl.

Kendo sticks, a bullwhip and thumb tacks all found use in the flag match featuring Texas Joe, Burhan, and South Side. Given their 16 month rivalry, it’s no surprise South Side tried to injure Joe’s arm with a triangle . Later, Burhan took a kendo to Joe’s back and eventually scaled the turnbuckle to grab his Saudi flag and win the match.

Willing and AbelACVA1 opt

Abel Cruz made a surprise return and took on Aries. After back-and-forth match, Aries picked up a victory, but his rival Black Magnum, putting aside Cruz's disparaging remarks aimed at Mexicans, helped Cruz with a post-match beat down.

Additional results

Pink Mist defeated Chaz Cherry.
Antizma and Black Magnum defeated The Cholos.
Nightmare defeated Aaron Michael.
John Mason won the 10 man battle royal to become number one contender for the U.S. title.

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